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15 April 2014 @ 08:51 am
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2014-04-01 14:00:30

During the live show at National,
The cameraman
Was rocking a pic of me on his camera

Camera staff, one of which rocking a Yuko picture on his camera

I was so moved...heartbeat
14 April 2014 @ 11:33 pm
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2014-04-01 12:45:53

Yuko and Haruna on the big screen at the concert

Yuko and Haruna on stage with other members

Yuko with Haruna on stage

Pics with Nyan-nyan heartbeat
Nyan-nyan gave 'em to me

And here are some pics that my manager took for me (^O^)
Yuko on stage with a toy horse in the foreground

Yuko performing on stage with other members

Yuko performing on stage with other members 2

Yuko performing on stage with other members 3

Yuko performing on stage

Yuko performing on stage with another member

Yuko performing while suspended in the air with other members

Yuko on stage with other members and a guest girl

Yuko with the guest girl

Day 1's storyteller, Mary o(^▽^)o
She was so adorable that everyone was just falling in love with her heartbeat

Yuko on stage in white

The beautiful scenery before my eyes won't be forgotten in my lifetime, eh? (OvO)
13 April 2014 @ 10:20 pm
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2014-03-31 21:00:44

Yuko performing on stage 1

Yuko performing on stage 2

Yuko performing on stage 3

Yuko performing on stage 4

Yuko and others performing on stage

Yuko and Team K performing on stage

Yuko and others performing while suspended above the stage

Yuko and others performing on stage with Yuko appearing on the big screen

Yuko on stage in front of the audience members

Yuko and other performing in a circle on stage

Yuko and others performing on an elevated platform on stage with backup dancers

Yuko again on stage in front of the audience members

Several girls performing on stage

The audience illuminated at night

Several girls on stage looking out to the audience

There's only one day left,
So it looked like a dream all around
13 April 2014 @ 12:09 pm
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2014-03-31 20:46:05

I'll show you guys a bunch of pictures
From the first day of AKB48's independent concert
At National Stadium!

I'll show 'em even for the people
Who couldn't see the show on the 30th
Picture of the stage

Selfie of Yuko and another girl posing in front of the stage

Yuko posing in front of the stage

AKB48 candy

Yuko and another girl posing in front of a giant AKB48 sign

A colorful amusement train

Colorful props for the show

The stage illuminated at dusk

Several people on the lit-up stage

The stage illuminated at night

Yuko getting ready to test out a wire harness

Yuko suspended above the stage via wire harness

Yuko suspended high above the stage via wire harness

Yuko beginning to turn over while suspended way high above the stage

Yuko upside down while suspended way high above the stage

Yuko finishing her rotation while suspended way high above the stage

Yuko suspended even way higher up above the stage with other girls suspended in the air as well

Flying was so fun, eh~? (*^^*)
I'll post even more pics!
12 April 2014 @ 11:06 am
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2014-03-30 18:00:28

So regrettable.

The tears just won't stop.

However, I know that it can't be helped when things turn out bad, and yet...

The tears just won't stop.

Even though I prepped so hard
For you guys to come see me off,

And even though the staff members around me worked so hard for me without sleep,

There seems to be even fans who came from really far out for the event

And it's so regrettable.

And on top of that, it's even more regrettable since it's now out in public

However, God is probably trying to tell me,
"Stay in AKB longer "

He's making it rain

It's constantly raining

Once again I get to receive
This power that's been collected,
And I'll let it shoot out
At the graduation ceremony

All you guys who were looking for the event, I'm sorry

A teru teru bouzu
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2014-04-11 00:35:53

Good evening ( ´艸`)

It's Uuka, Katou Yuuka


Today was
Team BII 'Tadaima Renai Chuu'

Rippi's graduation performance!

Itoshiki Rippi
I love you Rippi

I really do
love her a lot(。・・。)

During today's performance
the fans really showed their dedication
to send Rippi to her graduation

To Yuuka it was a
really warm atmosphere
for the theater show (^ー^)

Thank you so much

who watched it in the theater
on the theater monitors
and on DMM

Before the song 'Todokanasou de Todoku Mono'
I was really moved by Rippi's words
Yuuka was in tears...

But before that
I was already on the verge of crying

When we were just 3rd generation members
we were called 'little grains'
and even when team BII was formed
we didn't have high expectations

But during the AKB48 request hour
Our original song made it to the top 10!!

Also this year was actually our first time
performing in the Makuhari Aeon Mall

The application to watch the shows
were over 10,000 in both the morning
and night show!

We started off really low
but everyone in Team BII worked together
to get to where we are today

There were many times were it was really tough
But Rippi was there to support everyone during those times

She listened to our problems
and gave her smile to the very last

When Yuuka was in trouble
she came to my side

In everyone's memories
she is someone who's always there

That's why everyone loves her

I'm grateful to be able to meet Rippi

Recently we hang out together more often
and she's always smiling
They were really fun times

I love the times when it's the three of us Anchu, Rippi and Yuuka together (laugh)

There is still time for us to be together
until the 20th
I'm going to make the most of the remaining days left(o^^o)

But, but
during today's MC, Emichi spilled all the out secrets (laugh)

Yuuka loves to meddle with members during theater shows ( ´艸`)


Ah, I'll be more serious then? (laugh)

But when our eyes meet
or when we touch each other's hands
or even are just next to each other
I want to do something to her! (laugh)

I like to do something that surprise the members
I love seeing their faces
It's amusing (laugh)

That is why during theater shows
Yuuka is always smiling
It is because I have done some naughty things (laugh)

It is these things that make theater shows more enjoyable

The end of 'Tadaima Renai Chuu' is quite sad

During the last rehearsal today
Keiichi came and said
Yuuka's 'Faint' performance is really great!
and praised me(o゜▽゜)o

She said 'I saw Yuuka just as a cute girl but now I see her as a cool girl'

I was so thankful
By Yuuka

11 April 2014 @ 10:20 pm
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2014-04-10 00:54:18

Good evening ( ´艸`) blog48_gifs

It's Uuka, Katou Yuka o0020002012903884323 blog48_gifs


I had a recording on KTV today

It was for NMB to Manabu-kun (´V`)

I learnt a lot of things today again!

This week

there were a lot of fun things



I did a recording

in Okinawa (o^^o)

Yuuka's hard work has been completed

I hope everyone gets to see it soon!

I watched the Okinawa footage today

and felt like going back there again(o^^o)

Okinawa was really fun blog48_gifsblog48_gifs

I hope Osaka gets warm soon as well ヽ(^o^)丿

What season does everyone like?


or Cold? blog48_gifs

Yuuka likes warm seasons blog48_gifs

That's why I'm looking forward to it ~´V`)

Today, I was on the phone with

friends from old dance classes,

friends from high school

and Honori ~ヽ(^o^)丿blog48_gifs

I'm Popular blog48_gifs

It has been a while since we've talked to each other

and it ended up being really long conversations (laugh)

Phones are great (o^^o)

You can hear other's voices and tell each other's feelings(´V`)

Tomorrow is Rippi's graduation concert

I want to send her off with my smiles!

I love Rippi's smile blog48_gifsblog48_gifsblog48_gifs

I love you Rippi!! (laugh) blog48_gifsblog48_gifsblog48_gifs

By Yuuka
Bye byeeee blog48_gifs
11 April 2014 @ 09:50 pm
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2014-04-10 21:43:01

This is Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Good evening ~((´艸`*))

I've been watching 'Saka agari' theater performance DVD
the new BII stage

There are many dance songs, but it's a stage where the members can have a great time together so I'm looking forward to it!

I love all the units blog48_gifs

Everyone, would you be able to come watch it( ´ ▽ ` )?

I'm sure you CAN make it right? ~((´艸`*)) (laugh)

I'm going to look for members with strong personalities, I'm so excited!

Right now I feel really rebellious!

I have a solo location shot tomorrow so I'm going to prepared for it and going to bed!


Watch tonight's NMB to Manabu-kun on KTV! 123
original entry
2014-04-09 22:11:15

It's Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I woke up early this morning again for a recording

It for was KTV's NMB to Manabu Kun

I laughed so much that I could barely breathe (laugh)

The reason for that is still a secret!

But it is something really, really, really funny!!!


The teacher for this week taught us about manners

It's the same person who looked after us during Challenge48

Please watch it! (・ω・。)

Right now I just got out of the bath~!

During summer I just take showers so I'm can only take baths during this season

11 April 2014 @ 12:10 am
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2014-03-29 00:13:19

Today's my last appearance on All Night Nippon!!
It'll be the three of us -
Sayaka, Sae, and I -
On ANN Since Sayaka's graduation!!
Yuko with Sae and Sayaka

We talked a lot heartbeat
We laughed a lot heartbeat

By all means check it out, ai~ght? (o^^o)

And tomorrow will finally be the concert at National

I am so looking forward to that heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat