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02 February 2013 @ 04:34 pm
[Maeda Ami] Handshake  
Original Post
2013-02-02 23:04:49

Today we had a handshake event
Those who came, thank you very much
I'm glad that the temperature was warm today

there were a lot of people with a cold, please be careful of your health

it was also a place with a lot of people...
Thank you very much for accompanying me till the evening

IT would make me happy if you come tomorrow as well I'll be waiting

The pictures are of the clothes I wore today
what do you think of it?
It might be a bit hard to see though....

I had heels on the whole day, stood and shook hands
so my feet are throbbing (笑)

Ah, The strange way of expressing is Ami Qualityー!

but was I able to convey it? something like that ーーー

Giving my thanks to my legs...(笑)
Thinking of giving them a rest for today

Everyone, please take it easy as wellー