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02 February 2013 @ 04:04 pm
[Kitahara Rie] *Another one  
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2013-02-02 12:32:45

there was Tomochin's graduation announcement.

During the AKB48 documentary movie, when it was released to the public on 2/1, she gave the announcement.

During yesterday's stage greetings for the movie, I heard it straight from Tomochin's mouth

I'm lonely however, I'm really lonely however...

When Tomochin appeared in AKB and gradually got more and more active,
she became a goalpost for the remaining members of the group (^-^)

Even if she's not a part of AKB, we won't stop being friends

After this
please still support her

 photo kitarieo0240032012401889060_zps42059da0.jpg

I love Tomochin~

She'll always be a senior that I aspire to be like

The K performance after yesterday's stage greetings, and the All Night Japan recording after,

It was a schedule where I was with Tomochin the entire time

This truly, made me happy.

Today, 2/2

I have a live performance as a part of SKE48 on

18:00~ Music Fair!

By the way, I wonder if this is the second week in a row~

Please be sure to watch it, okay?