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I am so sorry for being so late in translating all of my blogs (Haachan, Sae, Sayaka, Nana).
I will post the entries without emoticons for a while because I am working two jobs at the moment and I just have no time. Putting emoticons in the entries takes almost twice as long than translating the text... I know they add "flavour" to the entry but I'd rather keep my translations up to date. I am sorry.

Am I ahead of the trends?
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(2011-04-11 11:49:52)

I was surprised that the scorpion dance is still quite unknown.
Since this dance is awesome, try googling
"INFINITE scorpion dance" XDD

Katayama, too, is doing her best to be able to scorpion dance, but I don't have muscles... ^^;
Ah, macho, macho!

Well then, I'm off to recording~

Under the cherry trees
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(2011-04-13 00:44:13)

Abruptly, a quiz.

Whose backs are the ones in this ↑ picture?

I'll reveal the answer tomorrow...

Today I woke up at 4 am for Majisuka shooting, but since we finished much earlier than expected, I could partecipate in the Team A show!!!
I was thinking "I want to do a show~" so much, so today I danced with much more energy than usual.
Today was fun ♥
I'd be happy if I could have a life when I think so everyday...

Today, it's a month since the East Japan earthquake happened.
The situation is still unsure, but we want to do all we can, though it's not much, so that everyone can be happy and full of energy again as soon as possible!!
The weather's still cold and dry, and it's easy to get sick, so please everyone be very careful not to catch a cold, okay?

Good night.

I see!
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(2011-04-13 11:34:48)

Good day!

The other day I had a studio recording for "Naruhodo high school"!!!
That nostalgic thing came out, so the members' various faces can be seen!?
And I also said it on yesterday's show, but you can also witness Kojiharu's beauty.
Please, check it out♪

"Naruhodo high school" airs on NTV from 7pm on Apr 21st (a 2 hour special), on 28th and on May 5th.

It's a festival, wasshoi!
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(2011-04-15 15:18:43)

So, today's Katayama Festival!!
2525-banchi's 4th episode will be available from tonight so absolutely watch it.

Then, tonight at 0:12,
"Majisuka Gakuen 2"
starts on TV Tokyo!
You gotta check Showa who has gone level up!

I won't let you sleep tonight...

Sorry for making you wait
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(2011-04-15 17:16:42)

Eh.... I'm sure someone has already forgotten about it, but here's the answer to the other day's quiz.
The answer is Nakayan and Yone-chan \(^o^)/
Nakayan, I'm sorry (>_<)

But on the other hand, don't you think I took a pretty nice picture?

Their silent backs.
The cherries in full bloom.
And then, quietly, "sa shi su se so".

What's "sa shi su se so"?
it's super!!

Don't cry... ripe lemon
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(2011-04-16 20:08:19)

Yesterday I was on ANN with Madame Sakiko and Madame Moeno♪
We already did radio together, and as we were together in MINT I think this time too we could have a relaxed talk!!

Yesterday we had a "Changed song" corner again, and this time I read a composition from the "Kan Hiroshi series" that fits the word "dandy" so perfectly!

By the way, I read this
"Coming out of the bath
I paint my nails
Kan Hiroshi"
you can you imagine the scene, can't you?

Even when he paints his nails with transparent varnish, he's dandy
How's that~

Kan Hiroshi's hit "Nakanaide" (Don't cry) was aired twice yesterday, so maybe ANN has caught the Kan-sama fever XD

Then, Miorin has the catchphrase "I want to become a fresh lemon!", but I recommend you use Katayama version as alarm clock!
Even those who have trouble getting up, will be able to completely wake up thanks to that voice.
If someone has recorded it, please absolutely use it!

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(2011-04-10 22:23:55)

Right now I'm singing songs from the Showa age with William♪ (T/N William is her younger brother's nickname. Showa age goes from 1927 to 1989 but Haachan's favourite songs are from the 80's.

I've just finished singing "Romantic ga tomaranai" and I'm singing "Zenryaku, michi no ue yori" right now!!

Ah, William has started scorpion dancing XD

Do you know scorpion dance

10 April 2011 @ 09:35 pm
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(2011-04-09 23:26:49)

This morning I had Majisuka shooting, so I wore a "rough"-looking overall♪

Yup, that's easy~ \(~o~)/

And after that I went to vote (T/N There have been prefectural elections in Japan this weekend)

Everyone, go to vote too, okay?

10 April 2011 @ 09:30 pm
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(2011-04-08 23:20:44)

Lately Katayama has learned the word "youtsube".

When I asked Mikuo (T/N Tanabe Miku), she explained it to me half laughing

Did you know that "youtsube" means Youtube? (T/N when you type the letters "youtube" on a Japanese keyboard, ようつべ comes out. It'd be read "yoh-tsoo-beh" in this case so it doesn't seem weird that Haachan didn't make the connection right away)

Your 20-year-old analog lady didn't have a clue

Who thought of that first

Is that something obvious (T/N She actually made a pun using an old CM's punchline, "Atarimaeda no cracker" - atarimae meaning 'obvious', and Maeda being the cracker's maker)



10 April 2011 @ 09:02 pm
Original entry
(2011-04-08 13:39:50)

From today, the third episode of
"Junjou doori 3-choume 2525-banchi]
is available on Niconico Douga!

You can watch the second episode for free before the third gets uploaded, so if you haven't already, check it out

If you hurry up you can still watch Katayama's "Puchihenza~"! (T/N I couldn't watch the second episode DDD: so I didn't get this and couldn't find out what it means, sorry)

In the third episode I challenged something
Something Katayama isn't good at.

It will start airing at about 7 pm, so watch it before sleeping!

There's something I was wondering.

Why does Kobac have Christmassy signs?
Is it only the Kovac shops around me?

I can't help thinking about that
09 April 2011 @ 03:23 pm
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(2011-04-08 11:22:27)

Good morning

Were you all okay yesterday?

It shook quite a lot in Chiba so it was scary, but Katayama is allright

We still can't be sure of what will happen, so please be really careful

So, let's do our best today
07 April 2011 @ 11:51 pm
Hello! Since I have TEN Haachan entries to catch up with, and I don't plan to flood your FPs with a thousand posts, I'll translate them all in this entry, each under a cut.

Bachi, yahhoo! (Bachi is a slang for Chiba, the prefecture)
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(2011-04-02 21:46:56)

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Now successfully shooting (T/N A pun on a commonly used phrase for books/cds ads, "now successfully on sale")
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(2011-04-03 22:32:13)

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(2011-04-03 23:39:12)

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Issue #1
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(2011-04-04 22:27:54)

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Ah, it came
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(2011-04-05 15:40:24)

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(2011-04-05 18:57:09)

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Kyun kyun zukkyun (T/N Onomatopoeia for something that makes you skip a heartbeat)
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(2011-04-06 21:02:45)

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After a while
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(2011-04-06 22:26:28)

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(2011-04-07 16:20:01)

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(2011-04-07 18:21:12)

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02 April 2011 @ 12:11 pm
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(2011-04-02 12:46:02)

Good morning~

just came out of Katayama's mouth.

I feel like I've already heard this word somewhere, or maybe not...

Yup, I haven't.

Katayama's brain is so nice

Changing topic,
Lately I always have Pink Spider on repeat

Since I watched the musical I couldn't forget it~

hide-san's songs have turned into my habit, or should I say addiction.
Once you listen to them you can't forget them anymore \(^o^)/

It's amazing, Pink Spider

Moving to the main topic.

Today, after a while, I will appear on
Chiba TV's "Nekketsu! BO-SOTV"
with Kana-chan
It starts at 5:30 pm.

To everyone who gets Chiba TV's signal, absolutely watch it
02 April 2011 @ 10:08 am
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(2011-04-01 17:18:19)

A picture of Katayama as a child.

It's a lie

it's my mother, lady Diana's picture as a child!!

In kindergarten and at university, she looked a lot like Katayama so I was surprised w(°O°)w wow!

In this picture too, she kinda looks like me.

Everyone, please spend a nice April's Fools Day(●´∀`●)/

Her mother's not actually called Diana. She gave Western fantasy names to her family XD His father is "Gonzales" and his brother is "Williams" XD
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(2011-04-01 13:42:49)

Good morning~

It's April today
I wonder when it's going to start being warmer~

Ah w(°O°)w

By the way, it's Friday...

Niconico Douga's
"Junjou Doori 3-choume 2525-banchi"'s
second episode starts airing today ♪

Today, too, it's kinda fun, Sir~

Do watch it, okay?

My hair grew out!