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(2012.11.03 20:17)

Good evening!

Recently it's been cold (>_<)

I turned on the heat for the first time this year.

I'm strong in the summer, but weak in the winter...

So today's dinner was nabe~ヾ(^▽^)ノ

All nabe places are crowded. LOL

I ate a lot!

And now I have news. LOL

Tomorrow at 13:45 I have my first event as a JKT48 member at the AKB48 Cafe.

I'll talk a little bit in Indonesian. LOL
I wonder if I can do it?

The tickets go on sale at 12:40~ (^-^)v

Everyone, please come!

I'll be waiting!

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(2012.11.01 22:34)

Good evening!

Everyone, how are you?

It suddenly got cold...

I'm not good with the cold. LOL

And I haven't taken out my winter clothes yet, so it's very cold when I go outside (-_-)

I have to change my wardrobe soon!

Someone help me (>_<) LOL

And, changing the subject, but the new teams start today!!

I heard Team K had opening night of their new stage today(≧∀≦)

Everyone, congrats on opening night.
And good work!

I'm part of JKT48 starting today!!

I don't really feel it yet, but I felt it a little seeing my name on the official JKT48 site.

I want to stand on stage with JKT48 members soon.

I have to prepare a lot of stuff for that(*⌒▽⌒*)

I'm looking forward to
challenges and
doing my best!!!

I'll be happy if everyone likes me just the same even when I'm in JKT48( 〃▽〃)

Please continue to support me.

And one more piece of good news.

Amazingly! Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 was nominated in the "Billboard Japan music award"!!!

Thank you very much!!

They're voting now, so I'd be happy if you voted for us.

For the details, check Watarirouka Hashiritai 7's official site~

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(2012.10.28 21:03)

Good evening!

I participated in AKB48's national handshake event
on Saturday and Sunday!

I'm going to be part of JKT48 starting in November, so I was happy to be able to meet fans in Osaka before that, as a member of AKB48( 〃▽〃)

I was too happy because a lot of people came.

I haven't participated in national handshake events much, so I was nervous at first.

I was also nervous at the amount of people during the event. LOL

And being able to do a handshake event in a Dome made me think that AKB48 really is amazing.

We'll do our best so this many fans come to see us even when I'm in JKT48(≧∀≦)

Please continue to support me from now on too!!!

Tomorrow is finally Team A's final show...


I wonder if time would stop.

I'll make it a stage where I have no regrets!
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(2012.10.23 00:35)

Good evening!

Yesterday? The day before yesterday? LOL
Thank you very much for the handshake eventヾ(^▽^)ノ

I was happy to meet a lot of people(・∀・)♪

And it was my last handshake event as a member of AKB48.

I'm happy to go to JKT48, and I'm looking forward to it, but when I think about how I won't be able to do handshake events like this in Japan anymore I get lonely...

There are still two handshake events in November and December, but there were a lot of people who can't come to those so today was the last...

It's lonely, but I'll do my best to make up for it, so I'll be happy if you can support me with all your strength( 〃▽〃)

And please come to Jakarta! LOL

I'll be waiting. LOL

Well~ tomorrow is a Team A performance (^-^)v

After tomorrow, all that's left is the final show.

I'll enjoy it with all my might so I have no regrets(≧∀≦)


I was able to meet Churi for the first time in a while!

I want to talk more...

Churi is someone I can talk a lot with(*⌒▽⌒*)

Well then, good night.
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(2012.10.18 22:17)

Good evening!

It was raining today!!
I hate the rain!!
Hurry up and stop!!

So today was a photoshoot♪There were members I haven't met in a while, it was fun♪

It's really fun
being with other members(≧∀≦)

And after that
I went on a date with Maria
and we ate foot.

In the evening...

I went to see Yuka's play!

For the second time LOL

But no matter how many times I see it it's fun♪

I want to keep watching it forever (^o^)

I love Yuka's singing voice♪

It's a singing voice that makes people happy!

I want to see it again. LOL

Yuka! Do your best until the final show, okayヾ(^▽^)ノ

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(2012.10.14 23:22)

Good evening!

On the 12th I safely returned
from Jakarta♪

And yesterday and today there was
a photo eventヾ(^▽^)ノ

It's too fun!

I posed a lot♪

And today as a special
I wore the Halloween costume I wore with Warota last year!

A witch♪

Everyone was surprised, it was funny LOL

I'm glad people were happy(*⌒▽⌒*)

When I think about how I'm not going to have handshake events next year I get lonely, but until then I'll be happy if you keep coming to them like usual!

And let's talk a lot~!

I think the next one's on the 21st?

I'll be waiting!

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(2012.10.08 09:06)

Good morning!

Today is the last day of the three consecutive holidays♪

Everyone, how did you spend your three consecutive holidays?

I went on a trip with my family for one night and two days from Friday to Saturday

We went to Tochigi prefecture!ヾ(^▽^)ノ

We stayed at an inn
and went in hot springs
and ate delicious food
and went to a safari park
and went to a lake by woodlands
and rode horses!

It was really well-spent...LOL

All of it was fun, but my favorite was riding horses

It was my first time, but
it was too fun!

At first I was scared of the horse, but when I tried getting on the horse was kind and fun(≧∀≦)

I rode this really cool horse!

I want to try again if I get the chance

If you've been out for the three consecutive holidays, please be careful on your way home!
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(2012.10.05 13:29)

Good afternoon(⌒∇⌒)ノ"

Everyone, how are you?

I'm fine, but...

I've been worrying about one thing

That is, not being able to win against the appetite I get in the fall...

There are too many delicious things, I eat too much every day...


Where did my resolve
to diet go~~~?

The autumn of appetite > diet

I'm losing to food...

So forgive me for now


I'll eat while keeping track of my diet properly!

I'll do my best!

If you have any recommended foods...


If you have any recommended diets, please tell me.
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(2012.10.02 00:08)

Good evening!

October starts today!



There are only three months left in this year (>_<)

Too fast!!!!!!

It'll be over in three months....

I have to spend each day well so I don't have any regrets♪

And I went on a date with Ayarin on the first day of Octoberヾ(^▽^)ノ

It was our first date in a while


We went to the land of dreams!

I smiled the whole time

It was too fun and we wanted to sleep over at the land of dreams, but we went home...LOL

Next time we want to go for one night and two days (>_<。

It was a fun day!
Thanks, Ayarin


It seems like today footage from the season-opening ceremony I did on Friday aired on AnDare♪

How was it?

I did my best, right?! LOL

I got a uniform and a glove!!

And they signed it for me (*⌒▽⌒*)

Let's get along. LOL

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot in the morning
and a performance after that

and then a Team A party(≧∀≦)

A day full of things!

I'll do my best!

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(2012.09.29 13:11)


A day has passed since the season-opening ceremony, my body still hurts. LOL

That's right!

Yesterday was my longed-for season-opening ceremony!!!!!!

I was able to be in the opening ceremony for Yakult Swallows vs Hanshin Tigers♪

I wore a uniform and practiced!

Me in a uniform...

Does it suit me?

I was really happy to wear a uniform for the first time in a while(・∀・)

And of course on the back there's my name, Haruka, and the number 48 (^-^)v

I'm too happy

It's a uniform that there's only one of in the whole world♪

And I was able to be on Nippon Broadcasting too, and an AnDare live streaming, I was too happy

I was really nervous at the season opening ceremony, but everyone was really kind and I was able to throw it properly!!!!!

I'll give myself 100 pointsヾ(^▽^)ノ

It was a really good experience, I want to try it again!!

Thank you very much to AnDare-san who made it happen!

And thank you to the baseball team and to Nippon Broadcasting!

It was a lovely day...