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04 November 2012 @ 11:35 am
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2012-11-03 19:12:58

♥ Chiichan ♥
Shiichan is always a guy. And she always looks at me like the opposite sex
We don’t have 4th generation bonds and we always dealt with each other with little feeling, but
I love 4th generation

♥ Ami-chan ♥
Ami-chan is my cute little sister
When she comes over to stay at Shiichan’s house she lets out her true character and chats away with me which makes me happy.
Even though we’ve changed teams, we’ll still hang out together, right?

♥ Nattsumii ♥
When we became part of Team A, we immediately became close!
She always invites me to come hang out
I really love Nattsumii-san
I am SO sad that we won’t be on the same team anymooore
But, let’s definitely hang out agaaain!

♥ Tomu-chan ♥
Thanks for coming during Team A’s final performance
When I talked with Tomu-chan, I was surprised that we were able to just chit-chat away, so it’s really easy to talk to heeer
We’re on different teams, but let’s work hard!

♥ Wakana ♥
Thank for being there during Team A’s final show
You’re my ideal girl
You seem soft, it seems like it would be nice to hug you, and it seems like the touch of your skin would be nice
We’ll be on Team B together dehe, so let’s get along well there gufu

That being said, with Team A’s final show my feelings have continued changing since I’ve entered the team

The blog title

Let’s talk about ~

I’ve decided to quit that!

It’s a harmless title and I’ll quite a blog entry after

So, see you later!
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25 March 2011 @ 06:18 pm
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(2011-03-25 17:31:32)

Yesterday AKBと×× was broadcast in the Kansai region!
I wasn't aware of its broadcast...!
I'm sorry for not announcing it...
After the shoot I received Snail 90.9% a very popular beauty item from Korea from Haruna Ai-san!!

Thank you very much
this Snail 90.9% that I received
is really transparent, slimy and runny~
I'm a bit uncertain!
But it's moisturising power is not incomplete!
It seems that the snail
allowed its own body to be broken
and the slimy fluid to be reborn
the power of that rebirth
I will make proper use of on my skin! Ah, that's lame!

Snails are really pretty
Between snails and slugs which is better?
For Shiichan snails win by a small margin!!
Today was slightly warmer than yesterday.

24 March 2011 @ 12:34 pm
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(2011-03-23 09:57:39)

While writing yesterday's blog I fell asleep...

I'm sorry

I'm on location from the morning

more over I'm alone...

currently traveling by car...
I'm anxious
but I'll do my best
Everyone do your best while
looking at the sky!

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(2011-03-20 22:59:50)

it seemed that the moon was much closer than before

it was so beautiful!

『Even people far away view the same moon』
I thought!

Have you viewed the moon?
19 March 2011 @ 11:45 pm
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(2011-03-18 23:22:16)

Sorry for the lack of updates!

From today it has been a week since
the Eastern Japan Earthquake occurred.

With all the events happening at once
It's hard to understand just what to do
When reading everyone's comments
I thought to post a new update!

Thank you so much for the comments!

『A healthy person
doesn't lose health
because a healthy person
shares the health』

That is the just of the comments.

Even now
for some reason
Shiichan is not herself.

I continue this blog
Even so many people
only read this blog
『I'll do my best tomorrow as well』

And thinking that slowly but surely,
I'll will update!

This blog will slowly let everyone's hearts be at ease.

19 March 2011 @ 11:24 pm
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(2011-03-16 21:42:46)

There was another earthquake a little over 6.0
in Shizuoka.

The tremor could be sensed in Tokyo as well.
Is everyone in Shizuoka okay?

To not know to which extend
or how long we'll experience this
please be careful everyone!!

Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake
WAE Charity Project
"~WAE~ Now is the time to Unite!"

And in this time of the disastrous earthquake
Watanabe Entertainment has started a charity project.

All the talents and employees, everyone from the company
continues to support it.

WAE means
W -> Water
A -> Air
E -> Entertainment

The three initials are the essential elements
of the WAE (WAE) that hopes to aid the the victims
under the name that all the talents and employees thought of.

WAE Charity Production Homepage

Thank you for the support!

It's gotten cold again
so please be careful to not catch a cold!
19 March 2011 @ 10:57 pm
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(2011-03-15 18:38:36)

As AKB48, everyone thought of what could be done.

So this time
a donation account
has been set up.

<Donation Account 1>
Risona Bank (Bank Code 0010)
Shibuya Branch (Branch Code 473)
Account Number: 2871105
Account Name: AKB48 Project Donation (AKB48 Project Gienkin)

<Donation Account 2>
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (Bank Code 0005)
Gotanda Branch (Branch Code 537)
Account Number: 0167382
Account Name: AKB48 Project Donation (AKB48 Project Gienkin)

Even a little bit of everyone's strength will help the affected areas.
19 March 2011 @ 10:52 pm
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2011-03-13 22:02:01

The most we can do now
is to conserve electricity!

It's the least we can do
for the sake of Tohoku!

I have switched off the heating lamp
and instead used a miniature light bulb
it's such a tiny thing but...
using electrical appliances piles up
so thinking that, even small things
surely serve a greater purpose.

Everyone let's become the strength of all the victims!
Really, truly thank you so much!