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(2011-06-21 16:37:10)

Hello everyone ♡

Having started a blog by my own, at the same time I feel lonely and relieved

As expected,
when everyone's blogging together, many times I  became conscious of comments, and  couldn't post because of it,

or I'd worry thinking that if I post too much, everyone's posts will be buried by it...

There were many things, but from now on I'll be doing it freely, yo (´・ω・`) ☆

The little face I always use in my titles, I just heard from my manager that sometimes it gets fatter or disappears, so please wait a bit ♪ ♪
(*I'm not sure of what this is supposed to mean...)

yesterday I found funny tanzaku on Tokyo Tower!

Number #1!!!!

"I wish to stop biting my nails"

That's right ☆

Nails probably weren't meant for biting, right?

Let's do our best ☆ ♥

Then, next is...

"I wish for Kana to rely on me"

Who is this~
The person who wrote this~ \(^o^)/?

Since I don't rely on people much, we were talking about how this seems fitting (laugh)

Though, what an amazing coincidence this is ☆

Kana wants to be a person who relies on others too...

It's fine though (laugh)
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(2011-06-21 01:28:47)

Good night, everyone ^__^

Thank you for all the comments ♥

I read all of them ♥♡

I'm glad ☆

I wanted to express my gratitude at the old blog, but as it seems I can't post there anymore,

Please let me thank you here!

Thank you very much ♥♡

A Maachan picture

Maachan really is pretty
after all ☆

Today, at Tokyo Tower

There was a shooting for Tokyo Headline and etc

Do check it out, ok? ♪

I wrote tanzaku, yon
(*narrow piece of paper for writing poems vertically)

They're decorating Tokyo Tower somewhere, so please look for them ♪

And, you know,
I found a really heartwarming tanzaku on Tokyo Tower ★

"I wish that I can get into AKB48"

That's what it says!!

Isn't it totally cute! ♥♥

Somehow this was a day with a warm feeling

There was a stage performance too, so today was really fun ^__^

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(2011-06-20 16:22:04)

Hello everyone ☆ ☆

This AKB48 Team B's Kobayashi Kana!

Until now, at Ameblo-san,

The "1LDK 6-person co-habitance" blog was kept by

Akimoto Sayaka-chan,
Miyazawa Sae-chan
Masuda Yuka-chan
Umeda Ayaka-chan,

and Oku Manami-chan who graduated,

as well as myself

From today on, everyone separated and had a renewal

It would be good if this turns out as a Kana-like blog just like the one before, without change

That's what I'm thinking, but
Everyone, I'll be in your care \(^o^)/

19 April 2011 @ 01:02 am
Gyaru (。・_・。)ノ
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(2011-04-01 16:28:00)

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5th anniversary (。・_・。)ノ
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(2011-04-02 00:53:15)

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The main point
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(2011-04-02 14:50:47)

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Sudden rise (。・_・。)ノ
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(2011-04-03 01:00:49)

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I had a photoshoot (。・_・。)ノ
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(2011-04-04 01:53:21)

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I'm sorry I'm so late. I'm gonna try to do 3 entries per day of each of the girls to try and catch up, since they usually don't post more than once a day. When holy week comes around I should catch up more, too. Unfortunately I won't be translating Koami's blog anymore. sorry again ;___;

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(2011-04-01 01:57:48)

Everyone, good evening!

Yesterday (since the date changed) we had a Team B performance after a long time!
(*I've always been wondering wth she meant when she said the date changed, I just noticed it's because she posts after midnight ><)

The theater is fun after all

Singing, dancing and talking, it was a really happy time

But, backstage, before the show started,

Suzuki Mariyannu brought a toothpaste that tastes like café-au-lait...

"Kana-chan, let's brush our teeth togetehr with this toothpaste!!"

she came saying this to me with sparkling eyes (´・ω・`)

I've tried using those toothpastes that taste like food before, but since it doesn't feel like you brushed your teeth at all,

Kana insisted right to the end that she would not brush her teeth with the cafá-au-lait taste toothpaste

But, since Mariyannu was like,


"Fine, ok then. "

when I said that,
Chika-chan said, "I want to use that toothpaste too "

and rose her hand as if it were nothing (゚-゚)

Chika-chan is brave

That's why we three decided to brush our teeth with the café-au-lait taste toothpaste.

Mariyannu put the toothpaste in Kana's, Chika-chan's and Mariyannu's toothbrushes, but...

(´・ω・`) ?

Eh (´・ω・`) ?

Isn't it strange (´・ω・`) ?

The one in the middle is Kana's, but, is it my imagination or is Kana's the only one with an overflowing amount of café-au-lait taste toothpaste (´・ω・`) ?

it's not my imagination, is it (´・ω・`) ?

I mean, you can clearly see it in the photo as well (´・ω・`)

I told Mariyannu,

"Isn't this strange "

but still put this much inside my mouth

It's that alright
Café-au-lait it is


I guess it's fine

once in a while... (laugh)

And, today, Mariyannu and I had matching hairstyles

We match a lot and, it seems Mariyannu likes Kana's curls, so she tells me "Curl it~"

though, I haven't curled my hair in a while so, when I did today, I got a lot of praise

Thanks, Mariya-chan. Even if I'm praised, it won't come out (゚-゚) (laugh)

once in a while it's fine \(^o^)/

I curled it and tied a bit of it on top \(^o^)/

Lately I've always used it straight, so once in a while it's fine, right?

There's a performance tomorrow as well!

Two days in a row, I'm thankful
09 April 2011 @ 06:50 pm
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(2011-03-30 16:13:32)

Everyone, good afternoon ☆

Today's warm, isn't it \(^o^)/

today is AKBINGO!'s

airing day (´・ω・`)♪

it seems the one Kana got to appear in is going to air

We were watching the kenkyuusei girls, and it was kind of really shocking

The pet Ichikawa Miori-chan brought really shocked me so much I was almost crying

The kenkyuusei are really doing their best, so if you will, please watch it~

That same Kana is, right now
filling a survey between photoshoots

It's almost election time, isn't it

An year goes by fast

I'll be doing my best for the afternoon as well (´・ω・`)

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(2011-03-29 01:22:48)

Good evening, everyone!

Today, I had a photoshoot and interview
for next week's issue of

We talked about

"Hai! Moshimoshi, Otsuka Yakkyoku desu ga" (*the movie Kana is starring in)

which will start airing in April 9th

It's a free paper so, surely it'll be left hanging around here and there, so if you find one, please have a look at it
(*apparently a type of newspaper with lots of advertisement, distributed for free)

And, though it might be late to be telling you guys here in this blog,

Somehow I, Kobayashi Kana

have become Tokyo Tower's image girl for 2011  

I was really shocked when I first heard it and,

seeing Umechan doing it for 2 years, I was really envious, so I was happy.

AKB'S graduated member, Orii Ayumi-chan was also an image girl.
And then Umechan for 2 years.

Without breaking what those two have build up until now, I'll go at it in my way

And today, I came to visit the Tokyo Tower again

It really is big and moving

I went today but, the look of the big dinosaur exposition that they're doing inside Tokyo Tower
will be on the newspapers for sale tomorrow... no, today with a different date, do please have a look at it

Back when I was in nursery school, I love Godzilla, so when Godzilla aired I'd get in the bath punctually at 8h and then wait in front of the TV, I liked Godzilla that much (laugh)

The dinosaur exposition was awesome Roarー(`□´)

And now, the last thing for today

I just finished the radio recording for it

That meeting before was about this

It's going to air for 30 minutes on April 2nd, starting at 8h, so those who can listen to the radio, please check it out

It's every Sunday

Showing another side of myself by talking in an grown-up manner unlike the usual Kana... was what.... I intended (´・ω・`)

Recording for the radio today, there were a lot of points where my intonation was wrong, I was shocked

When we do it in AKB, everyone's having fun
Wakiaiai (*according to the dictionary: "harmonious, peaceful, congenious")

it was always like that, but here it was a different feeling and I behaved kinda strangely

"You're not nervous, are you?"
I was told that by many members of the staff, but, deep down, what do you mean different intonation, it's not Saitama dialect here so why is it different

Is what I kep thinking (laugh)

But, the staff members around me really taught me a lot so, from now on for this next year, I'll be having myself trained

I'll work hard to grow and make it a radio easy for you guys to listen to (´・ω・`)

I have to slow down my speech too... (゚-゚)

28 March 2011 @ 06:13 pm
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(2011-03-28 01:46:24)

Good evening, everyone

Today we held a charity event in Yokohama Arena!

The members gathered at Yokohama Arena, and we were very happy to see that there were many people there  

I was very happy that I was able to meet you guys after such a long time

Thank you very much!

somehow, this charity shirt...

it seems that the pictures at the sides connect!!

I would like to join hand with many people through this charity shirt ☆

The design is really cute, so I'd like to form a circle with everyone

going through the material Kana was given,  it's full of letters so it's making me sleepy \(^o^)/

Let's form a circle tomorrow as well, ok?

Sleep tight (´・ω・`)

27 March 2011 @ 09:32 pm
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(2011-03-26 23:44:40)

Good evening everyone!

When I look at the blog's comments and see, "it gives me energy" or, "when I feel gloomy it gets me in high spirits" and that sort of thing written, it makes me really happy

To think that Kana's blog could get someone in high spirits (つд`)て stop that~

And, yesterday I had a photoshoot!

I met with a lot of the members for the first time in a while!

I hadn't seen Chika-chan in a long time!

For Kana, since we're always calling and mailing each other, it really didn't feel like it'd beeen long, but

Apparently we hadn't met since around March 3rd

What a shock

Since I didn't feel like we hadn't met for so long

During our days off,
I got a lot of invitations from Nattsumii and Chika-chan to go out and eat something, but

since our plans couldn't seem too match we ended up not going, so it might've been a long time since we met after all

And, in Sayaka's Twitter it said she wanted to met Kobayashi, but

when we met yesterday, it was nothing special (laugh)

Without any sort of touching reunion, just totally normal (laugh)

As for meeting with Sayaka, I ate fresh (*sayaka) avocados and tuna (laugh)

Nice one, huh

Even if we don't talk a lot, the feeling was that we still held true

And speaking of people I've met after a long time, Shii-chan!!!

Meeting and talking, our level of involvement was upgraded in many ways (laugh)

And Tomo~mi, seeing, that, said

Shii-chan, what's good about Kana ?

and I was surprised (laugh)

since I'm in good terms with Tomo~mi, it ends up like that

I'll accept it, I'll accept it

We spent the day together like this, laughing a lot, in high spirits~

I love everyone (´・ω・`)

Ah!..... including Shii-chan...ne! (laugh)

Photo is with Chika-chan

chika-chan = chikano rina
nattsumii = matsubara natsumi
sayaka = akimoto sayaka
tomo~mi = kasai tomomi
shii-chan = oya shizuka

(*I wasn't sure whether the avocado/tuna part was supposed to be a pun or not, but I left it like this. honestly this whole translation kind of sucks, sorry guys ><)
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(2011-03-25 13:28:08)

Hello everyone ☆

We had a meeting yesterday (´・ω・`)

There were new things I had to try at so I was nervous, but I'm going to be working with people who looked after me before, so now I'l really looking forward to it excited~

They looked after us back in AKB's really early stages, Team A and Team k

were the only 2 teams around back then, time goes by so fast

is how I felt ☆

And today I was talking to the manager-san Ai-san!

Kana's iPhone hasn't been well lately, pressing the buttons wouldn't work, even if I pushed the power button it wouldn't turn on.

(´・ω・`)←so I made a face like this and thought about it.

Let's push the round button and the power button both

I thought that and pressed them at the same time, and it was fixed!

When you turn the iPhone on, the Apple mark lights up, but Kana's iPhone's apple mark had a crack The Apple mark was cracked

Ai-san, what do you think of this?
It's completely broken, right?

When I asked that,
Ai-san answered "What are you saying is broken!"

and laughed really loud

And then, since Ai-san actually has an iPhone too, we were showing ours to each other, and then...

The crack is part of the Apple mark!

is what I was made to realize (laugh)

It seems Kana had misunderstood and the Apple mark was cracked to begin with (laugh)


I made an embarassing mistake (´・ω・`)

I got it wrong
I got it wrong


We both laughed really loud Really loud
100 zabuton (laugh) (*I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER of what she means by this. SERIOUSLY)

I did it

There are days like this, right?

I'm like this everyday though (laugh)

Don't mind (*in english)

It's fine, isn't it
For me to be like this

Now I'm all defiant