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2011-07-27 08:39:32

[Fukumoto Aina] Japan #1!! Ainyan (´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Fuji-san now.
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*^^*)lol


That is...

For the program that's always been
taking care of us, [Star Hime Sagashi Taro]
we climbed it!!!

I'm heading for the summit
Original Entry
2011-07-23 16:44:58

[Fukumoto Aina] 2nd Day~♪Ainyan(´`)★

Roll cake now(lol)
Haii!Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*^^*)(lol)
Soon 『Yossha~Ikuzo~!』in Seibu Dome day 2 will begin

Yesterday I was engulfed by the nervousness
and by the size of the dome

That's why today I'd like to do a performance
which won't lose to the atmosphere of the dome


Today I'll go even more powerful~

Bainyan (*´∀`*)
Original Entry
2011-07-22 00:00:24

[Fukumoto Aina] 1 Day PR Ambassador!? Ainyan (´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Diving on my bed now now. (lol)
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu \(^^)/

Today for Osaka Takoyaki Museum's
5th year anniversary event, NMB48 went
and acted as the PR ambassadors for a day

Ainyan was in charge of the PR for [Kukuru]-san's
takoyaki PR, back home in Nara-ken we often
eat [Kukuru]-san's takoyaki there, so I was
quiteeeeeeeee happy about it

I also received a certificate,
I made sure to PR it properly

And everyone who came to the event
and got fired up along with us,
thank you very much

I really love these kinds of events
and it would be great if the chances for us
to participate in these events could increase (lol)

p.s. YTV [The Hunter]
Kantou 7/28 (Thurs) 26:08~26:38,
Kansai 7/29 (Fri) 25:28~25:58

This week they'll be airing the footage that
Aina filmed for, so if you could watch it,
I will be happy
Original Entry
2011-07-21 00:40:22

[Fukumoto Aina] Ultra Yabappi~♪Ainyan(´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Right now I'm feeling shocked
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (´∀`)lol

Today was the release of our first debut single
[Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo]

To be able to debut this quickly is really like a dream,
for this wonderful environment I'm really
thankful thankful thankful

And amazingly, it was revealed at the end of today's stage but...

Amazingly Amazingly Amazingly!!

We managed to take Oricon Daily #1

This is ultra amazing~~~っ

The moment I heard it ←I became like this

I'm really full of gratitude for tons of people
Thank you very much

Today was our debut single's release,
a live performance on MBS [Chichinpuipui]
and Sayako (Yamamoto Sayaka)'s birthday show

Iya~ I wonder if it's alright to be this happy
Original Entry
2011-07-19 18:19:27

[Fukumoto Aina] Time for Dreams ♪ Ainyan(´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Osaka now.
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (≧∀≦)

First off, in yesterday's [HEY! HEY! HEY!] live special,
it seems one region only got to watch from 20:00~21:00
so they weren't able to see NMB48's performance

Even though there were a lot of people who were
looking forward to it, we have to apologize in announcements.
We're very sorry.

Yesterday I was very nervous, but Downtown-san is very interesting
and during the talk, I was always chuckling in the back

A bunch of wonderful artists gathered together,
it really seemed like a world of dreams

It was extremely fun

And today, the stage will begin soon

The typhoon is approaching us, so if you're coming
please take plenty care and be safe (〇>_<)

Well then well then!
Bainyan (*´∀`*)
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2011-07-18 14:09:21

[Fukumoto Aina] Special ♪ Ainyan (´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Wangan Studio now.
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*´∀`*)

For the last blog, for all the comments.
Thank you very much.

Aina really felt that she's being supported
by a lot of people.

In order to answer everyone's expectations
not just with luck, but with my own efforts I will
make it my goal to enter senbatsu.

Now, with the work that I have in front of me
I'll do my very best ! !

And today we'll be appearing on HEY! HEY! HEY!-san's
live special broadcast.

It's our 2nd time appearing but, to be able to appear
on this show twice before our debut single is even released,
I really feel that NMB48 is really blessed.

This is our chance to get even 1 more person to
hear [Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo] so we'll
perform and sing this properly.

Fuji TV [HEY! HEY! HEY!] 19:00~21:00
If you check it out, I'll be happy.

Well then! I'm going to the rehearsal
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2011-07-16 13:08:23

[Fukumoto Aina] Shortly ! ! Ainyan (´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Lunchtime now.
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*´∀`*)

...It's been a while since I've used "now"

In just a moment the Misaki Park stage live
which we NMB48 act as image characters for
will soon begin

Earlier I stood on the stage for the warm-up
and there really was a lot of people there
that I was surprised

Thank you very much

Today is also reaaaaaaaaaally hot,
so if you could rehydrate yourselves while
having fun to prevent heatstroke, I'll be happy

Well then, let's meet again later
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2011-07-15 11:50:58

[Fukumoto Aina] Osaka desunen ♪Ainyan(´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

I love love love melon, melon bread
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*´∀`*)

Following yesterday's blog's photo
When I thought it would just go through (lol)
Concerning the amount of melons, everyone
gave a me a kind joke in return
"Thank you very much"

I ate all that by myself (lol)

And on that day, I also ate 2 melon breads

No doubt it was a melon day

Speaking of melon bread...

SKE48's Matsui Rena-san
It's been said that she's made a melon bread alliance,
so the other day at the handshake event, when Aina said
that she also lined melon bread, we began to talk

We promised that next time we meet, we'll bring a melon bread
and be sure to take a photo together

In case we do take the picture, I'll place it on my blog

Well then !
Now I'm going to an MBS music program recording
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2011-07-15 01:36:50

[Fukumoto Aina] Tokyo desunen ♪ Ainyan(´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

Right now I'm relaxing in the hotel ♪
Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*^^*)

Today in Tokyo
we recorded for [NTV Happy Music]
and [Nippon Broadcast All Night Nippon R]

Finally 7/20 (Wed) our first Debut Single
will be on sale soon, but to be able to debut
this quickly, I'm really happy

It would be great if everyone across
the nation could hear this single and learn
more about NMB48

And today's recorded programs
NTV [Happy Music] 7/22 0:58~1:53
[All night Nippon] 7/22 late night 3~5
so please check it out

And tomorrow will be early so...
Bainyan (*´∀`*)
Original Entry
2011-07-14 00:22:59

(T/N - "dokidoki" is the sound
a heart makes when throbbing)

[Fukumoto Aina] DokiDoki。。。Ainyan(´`)★

Konyanyachiwa ~ヽ(´▽`)/

The lottery event was really nerve-wracking 

Called Ainyan, Fukumoto Aina desu (*´∀`*)

Today we had the
『AKB48 24th Single Senbatsu Janken Taikai』
~NMB48 Preliminary Round Lottery~

Aina got number 28,and entered the C Block

~The voice of Aina's heart~

Uwa~ Aina, your attendance number for your 3 years
in high school was 28 wasn't it
To pull this number, there must be a connection
You'll definitely enter the NMB48 5member senbatsu~~

I was real real real real nervous but,
I sent out a special Ainyan hadouhou,
and we also performed the songs on our 7/20 debut single
Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo,
Seishun no Lap Time,
Shirogumi's Boku ga Maketa Natsu
Akagumi's Mattemashita, Shingakki
so I'm glad

Boku ga Maketa Natsu and Mattemashita, Shingakki
was their first reveal

They're both wonderful songs where if you hear it once
you'll end up with the "I'll hear it over and over again syndrome"

And the outfits are also extremely cute

And so, the picture is a collab of both outfits

p.s The 2nd gen's 1st stage is on 8/13 (Sat)

On 10/9 NMB48 will have 1 week of stages
at NHK Osaka Hall as well

I'm really full of happy feelings

Today I once again thought that
I would like to continue running along
with these NMB48 47 members