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11 April 2014 @ 09:50 pm
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2014-04-10 21:43:01

This is Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Good evening ~((´艸`*))

I've been watching 'Saka agari' theater performance DVD
the new BII stage

There are many dance songs, but it's a stage where the members can have a great time together so I'm looking forward to it!

I love all the units blog48_gifs

Everyone, would you be able to come watch it( ´ ▽ ` )?

I'm sure you CAN make it right? ~((´艸`*)) (laugh)

I'm going to look for members with strong personalities, I'm so excited!

Right now I feel really rebellious!

I have a solo location shot tomorrow so I'm going to prepared for it and going to bed!


Watch tonight's NMB to Manabu-kun on KTV! 123
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2014-04-09 22:11:15

It's Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I woke up early this morning again for a recording

It for was KTV's NMB to Manabu Kun

I laughed so much that I could barely breathe (laugh)

The reason for that is still a secret!

But it is something really, really, really funny!!!


The teacher for this week taught us about manners

It's the same person who looked after us during Challenge48

Please watch it! (・ω・。)

Right now I just got out of the bath~!

During summer I just take showers so I'm can only take baths during this season

03 April 2014 @ 12:08 pm
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2014-03-20 13:16:34

This is Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Haisai!! ((*゜∀゜))

[T/N: Haisai means 'How are you?' in Okinawa dialect]

We arrived in Okinawa last night and I'm feeling really excited

We had buffet this morning, and I had my first ice cream in Okinawa this year


It is the blue seal Shio-chinsukou (。・w・。)

[T/N A type of Okinawan sweet]

It's my favourite of favourites

I had it last year and the year before as well blog48_gifs (laugh)

The weather here is changing between sunny and cloudy but it's quite warm, so I'm wearing short sleeves ♪

As expected of Okinawa

This is heaven for me because I love summer

I want to come here with my family!!!

I brought along two pairs of sunglasses so I can enjoy it more than usual!

I'm well equipped

I'm going to enjoy my time on the stage of the Okinawa International Festival

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2014-03-19 18:31:07

This is Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Recently, I think because I had to get up early everyday...

I automatically woke up early today as well 089 (laugh)

Well, it's a good thing isn't it 187 123


So, it is this time of the year again ~( *´艸`)

Okinawa International Film Festical~( ・・・-・)-・

NMB48 gets to perform on the stage tomorrow  186 123

It's really exciting, from entering the venue to the actual performance!

One more thing!

Tomorrow is the "Ameba studio NMB Premium broadcast"

Miruki, Rika-chan, Akari-chan, Riho-chan and I will be appearing 194

It'll go on air at 16:30

Please watch it ((*゜∀゜))

Well then
Baichorin (・◇・)/~~~
20 June 2013 @ 09:59 pm
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2013-06-19 22:26:20


Bokura no Eureka reached top 1 in the Oricon Daily Charts

Maybe its the single with the most people listening to it until now...

Thank you so much

It's Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako (*´∀`)♪

East Japan Tour in Niigata!!!!!!!

My Koshihakari Power was been completely burnt out

[T/N: Koshihikari is a type of rice produced in Niigata]

Today, I had time to watch from the side of the stage, to see everyone's performance like this really blown me away!!

During that time, Uuka's aura was shining bright!!

She was really cute~

Kanako wants to have a shiny aura too

Kanako doesn't have aura but sweat instead right? (; ̄ー ̄A (laugh)

It was really fun~

I was able to buy souvenir for my family in Niigata as well...

Kanako will fish or something to eat too~

Well then,
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2013-06-18 22:28:16

This week on 24th June, at Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens, there will be a mini handshake event for 'Bokura no Eureka'

Will everyone come to see us?

There will be a session at 17:00 and at 19:00!!

If you have time please come! I'll be happy if you do!

It's Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako (*´∀`)♪

East Japan Tour in Ishikawa prefecture

I got completely exhausted

But, I couldn't get a gold tape today

I'm shocked!

But, the concert was fun and I got really excited so it's OK

It was a blast~

I've managed to make eye contact with many people during the live, I'm super pleased

I gave out a fair few flying kisses

What if people saw me?!

Red face, red face (*/□\*)

Ahh, I'm hungry~ (laugh)


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2013-06-18 11:01:15

Good salmoning

Its Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako (*´∀`)♪

We can't live a life without making mistakes~

But because of that, I must continue my best!!

If we made our lives fun that'll be the best!!

This, is what I say a lot recently

But I think this is the truth.

I know that there are probably more hardships, but if I look at them optimistically, I can learn from it!!

It's not something easy to do but if I think of it that way I can enjoy life better and motivate myself

Talking about this kind of stuff, doesn't really fit Kanako's image does it? (laugh)

But I feel comfortable and relived when I think about these kind of things

Well then

I had Miso Katsu at Nagoya's famous store!!!!!!

It was amazing~

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2013-06-18 00:15:07

Hi there!

It's Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako (*´∀`)♪

East Japan Tour in Nagoya!

It was super fun!

That's why I've sweated a whole lot (;^^A

I've managed to get a gold tape as well (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

Though my face look a little disappointed...

But I've actually had so much fun that it was so hot that I've burnt out~ !!!!!!!

Thank you so much to those who came

Tour concerts are the best after all

It's like after 3 days of concerts my body got used to it and have the energy to go on!

It's something good to have extra of

Well then!

Let's prepare to sleep early tonight

I really love Nagoya-

18 June 2013 @ 01:34 am
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2013-06-17 09:22:23

I'm wearing comfy clothes this morning, I'm moving to my location

It's Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako (*´∀`)♪

I've been talking to Airi-chan recently about society

Time goes by fast when you talk about things seriously

But after that, all the talk was silly stuff

I feel like Airi and I are in the same grade

I only new that she was older than me a little while ago

This morning is
Keichan & Milky & Kanako going to a location shoot

This location is about something from a long time ago

The three of has has been excited about this since morning ((o( ̄ー ̄)o))

I'm looking forward to this

See you later, see you later

Today is Monday

I'll do my best in both work, and school ( ^∀^)

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2013-06-14 09:11:08

AKB's Nakamata-san uploaded a photo of Kanako on her blog


This is Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako (*´∀`)♪

East Japan Tour in Shizuoka

Let's go super crazy

Group photos are the best right?

My make-up artist styled me with this hairstyle today!

What do you think?

What do you think?

I wanted to try this hairstyle for a long time

But I couldn't do it because my hair was too short

Finally I could do it!

It seems like my hair has grown!

And because of that, I've received praises from the staff

Kanako wants to make her performance so great that even the last row of the audience can see her as if they were in the first row

That's why I'm going to keep dancing as enthusiastically as I can

I think that's very important

I want to make this team better, and this tour the best so far

Well then!

After all this heated talk, I'm going to sleep ♪