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06 March 2012 @ 03:40 pm
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2012-02-25 22:31:53

I recently bought this cute present for coco ♥

I haven’t gone to my parents’ house lately, so I haven’t been able to see coco either..

I want to go see her with this present ♥

The shop Tomo went to is called Panna

They have a lot of cute clothes and fur carrier bags!



22 July 2011 @ 11:58 am
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2011-07-22 23:48:34


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

At today's AKB48-san's concert in Seibu dome,
us NMB48 also got to participate

This time we were able to sing songs that
we've never song before up until now

We also got to reveal the 22nd Undergirls song
[Dakishimecha Ikenai] for the first time too

The number of people I've never seen before
was overwhelming that I was very nervous ><

To be honest there were some places that
felt too overhwelming~ but

But, I'll keep on going. There's also that feeling so
taking back today's challenge with me, for tomorrow and the day after
I'll go out definitely in perfect combustion~

Everyone who came, thank you very much

And here, welcoming it back!!

I'll reveal what I ate today

★Morn: Vegetable thin noodles
★Lunch: Chicken stew with cold water

At night, NMB was taken to go eat yakiniku
but I'm not really good with beef, so
I had "pork and salad" instead ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Recently my appetite hasn't been that good but
I've gone down about 1.5 (o^_^o)

I'd like to reach the body weight I've set for this month ~

PS. The temperature has suddenly fallen a bit
so everyone be careful of catching a cold ><

Well then, oyasumitsuhidezzz

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Seibu Dome

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2011-07-21 00:30:28


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Today was my first stage in about 2 weeks!!

And at this time, it was my birthday show

I was really touched by all the encouragements
and all the psyllium moving in unity

I'm really sorry that you had to come here
even during the typhoon warning time...

Thank you very much

In the past, I've always loved music
and I always thought I would like a job to do with
music in the future, I just ran forward with that
And now, above that
For me, NMB48 is really important and indispensable.

Recently I've had a lot of jobs in Tokyo
and I've been apart from Osaka a lot but,
in terms of feelings, they'll never be apart from everyone and NMB48

For the me who's still immature,
now that I've become 18
I'll completely devote myself into NMB
I'll support the members who need it, and we'll keep
moving forward so, if you could cheer us on, I'll be happy. (*^.^*)

"I want to make your smile"

It's the words that were on the back of
the T-shirts that everyone made.

Thank you for these wonderful words.

I'm really really happy.
I can't express how thankful I am

For me, to the degree that everyone says they love me,
I love everyone even more than that, I'm certain of it !!←

Also also
It was revealed in today's stage but

Amazingly, our debut single which is
on sale today "Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo"
has ranked on Oricon Daily Ranking as #1 ><

I'm really happy (cry)

It's really thanks to everyone
Thank you very much

And with that, oyasumitsuhide

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Birthday Festival & #1!
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2011-07-19 23:02:36

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Is this possible?


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Today was NTV "Naniwa Nadeshiko"'s location

As expected of me, even today it was raining!

But the location was something you do in the rain ←←

I can't tell you the details but
it was a location with a really good feel (*´д`*)

I would like to go to that store sometime again~

Look forward to the broadcast (=゜ω゜)ノ

And tomorrow is my first stage
in about 2 weeks

What should I do...

I'm excited but
Now I'm getting nervousssssss

Now that I think about it,
tomorrow there's supposed to be a typhoon...

Is this even possible?

Now that we're here
Is it possible that I...? now wait
that has to be a misunderstanding ´`

Everyone, I'm really sorry... It's all my fault

Typhoon go away ~><
I can only pray for it

But I'm looking forward to being able
to see everyone safely tomorrow !!

Everyone going out, please be careful

The picture is with Riichan ♪

The bag that I'm holding is the birthday present
that Riichan gave me yesterday

I also got from Riho, Miru and Akari
and they're all mostly clothes

Oneechan is a dasanee so,
I'm happy and it saves me (~_~;)←

Everyone, thank you

All the things everyone sent and even the letters,
I'll looked and read them all

Thank you very much

Well then, oyasumitsuhidezzzz

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2011-07-15 19:58:26


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Everyone, for the article yesterday for all
the congratulatory comments,
really thank you very much

I read them all without hesitation

I'll be happy if you watch over me warmly
for this 1 year while I'm 18

By the way, today the 15th
is AKB48-san's Yukirin, Kashiwagi Yuki-san's
birthday as well

Congratulations ('-'*)

She's a nice person who always takes care of me
so next time I see her, I want to say it directly!

Changing the topic

Today was FM Osaka [MUSIC COASTER]'s recording

and [Kansai Walker x USTREAM]'s live recording

USTREAM was around the premises of Osaka castle
and in this extremely hot weather, everyone that came
thank you very much ><

Iyaa we laughed a bit too much (lol)

It was fun ~(*^-^)ノ

And now I've come to Tokyo

And the reason for that is !!

Today, 24:15~25:45
NHK [Shibuya DEEP A], I'll be appearing live

Now that I'm 18, my jobs are getting even wider
This time's appearance being decided, I'm very happy

It's during late night but, I'll be happy if you watch (*^_^*)

And tomorrow ♪

It's the first day of Misaki Kouen

And finally!!

The Janken Preliminaries

From now on it'll only be luck but
I'll be happy if you cheer me on

Well then ~ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Faalcon (Kinoshita Haruna) x Sayaka

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Late Night Live!
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2011-07-14 22:18:47

Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Today is July 14th.
It's France's Foundation Day.
And, it's also my birthday. ←

Today I'm staying in Tokyo for work
so I celebrated with my family last night ^^

My 17th year was really one rapid year.

A lot of people often say "You're not 18 yet?"
they say I'm calm and reliable and such
but that's not true at all

There's time when I can't suppress my feelings too
and there's also times when I act spoiled

But the 2nd gen has now started to move in full force
so it's about time I get over that and become more adult-like.

Being able to do my favourite music
And having tons of new experiences
And having so many people send celebrations
It's really a happy thing

I'm glad that I support Yamamoto Sayaka
I'm glad that Yamamoto Sayaka is captain

So that you will be able to say that
I'll aim to be a "stoic and nice person"
I'll leap towards it (*^_^*)

PS. Mama, thank you for bearing me
Let's raise our relationship even more than this.

The picture is from today's All Night Nippon recording,
it's a picture of a surprise celebration

Even though they already surprised me during
the 「NMB48 Gakuen~ Oshiete Chidori-sensei」 recording...

To be able to celebrate twice in the same day, I'm touched
Continuing from now, I beg of you to take care of me (/_・、)

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Birthday, A new start
12 July 2011 @ 08:47 am
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2011-07-12 21:06:33


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Today was KTV 「Yo~i Don!」's live recording
and KTV 「Docking48」's recording and
MBS 「ENT」's recording as well. (*^_^*)

This is a little sudden but,
are you interested in what the title is about?

To put it simply, it's Shiori (Matsuda Shiori)'s
new nickname ♪


The story is, today in the self-photo that
Shiori took, it was really angel-like and
when I made a fuss about it

Haruchan (Kinoshita Haruna) said
「Shiori wa Tenshiyanen」, but she jumbled
her words and ended up calling her Tenshanen ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

(T/N - "Tenshi" is angel is Japanese, "yanen"
is something that is a part of the Osakan dialect)

By the way, on the contrary to that,
I became Devilnen

Devilnen has...

absolutely no cute factor in it ´`
Well, that's alright though.

Well today was 1 day where Shiori
kept me company for a day.

The picture was when I was thinking that
the sky was looking pretty again today~
When I looked out the window, I saw the rainbow
and before I knew it, I took a picture!

My friends said they also saw it and thinking
that we're all under the same sky, somehow
I get a touching sensation.

It's definitely a wonderful sky which can
invoke so many emotions.

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Tenshanen
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2011-07-12 01:03:02


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Today for the purpose of work
I stayed over in Tokyo but
Today, since our work doesn't begin
until the evening, from morning
with Mirukii and our Manager-san
we went shopping in Tokyo (=°ω°=)

Though I say that, we went
somewhere else on the way (lol)

Maa for me I have no fashion sense
and my casualwear makes me Dasanee ←
So usually I go shopping with my mom
but to improve my sense, working hard
today I asked the shopkeeper for help
and I ended up buying a few things

Hysteric Glamour

and more....

Somehow after I bought them, I realized,
It's full of T-shirts! (lol)

But since T-Shirts are simple, cute and easy to match
I can't stop choosing them (´・ω・`)

Is that really so bad ~><

At this rate I'll aim to be girl who's
fashionable with T-shirts!!

Today I was really able to satisfy
myself with shopping

And also in the evening
we filmed for TX 「Piramekiino」☆

If I had to say one thing...

The recent elementary students  are scary

That sums it up.

The broadcast isn't decided yet
so I'll report it again on my blog
so please watch it on air

In the waiting room
Mirukii X Sayaka

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Improve my sense

10 July 2011 @ 11:36 am
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2011-07-10 23:50:44


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

Everyone who came to the event today
Thank you very much

Today was really fun as well ~

It was the best, the best!

When I'm talking with everyone
even the fatigue all gets blown away

Thanks to everyone, I feel that I'm starting to
beat my shyness towards strangers

I'm looking forward to being able
to seeing everyone again

And today was Aanyan (Mori Ayaka)'s
last activity as a part of NMB48, unfortunately
our timings didn't match and I wasn't
able to take a picture

Everyone who sent Aanyan messages
Thank you very much !

I'll definitely tell her !!

From now on as well
Mori Ayaka and NMB48 please continue to support
both of us

Today's picture is with Matsui Jurina-san ♪

With the short hair, she looks even more
adult-like and pretty

By the way, for dinner
I ate Monjayaki

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- The best
Original Entry
2011-07-10 15:32:35


Yamamoto Sayaka desu (^人^)

The morning portion has ended,
and right now we're having lunch break (*^_^*)

Today 7/10 is Maeda Atsuko-san's birthday!!

I said it to her directly already but
once again, congratulations

To say it directly on the birthdate
is after all, the best isn't it (>_<)

And lunch is
pork with ginger and bean sprouts~!!

One of my favourite menus

Everyone too, take your time on lunch ♪

And also, today's casualwear

With Ainyan ヽ(´ー`)ノ

[Yamamoto Sayaka] -Sayaka- Now & Casualwear part②

Everyone coming in the afternoon,
please take care of us