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19 April 2011 @ 02:52 pm
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Normal (恵*`・∀) ⊃=〇
(2011-04-05 00:01)

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Everything (恵*`・∀) ⊃=〇
(2011-04-05 23:25)

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Snaej (恵*`・∀) ⊃=〇
(2011-04-07 00:00)

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Fortune-telling (恵*`・∀) ⊃=〇
(2011-04-08 23:52)

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Adult-likeness (恵*`・ ∀)⊃=〇
(2011-04-09 23:11)

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(2011-04-04 00:01)

Konbanwa-smash to your love ♪ ♪

Today we had a Team E performance for the first time in a while ☆

I'll write about in more detail tomorrow *

And, April 1st was Aya-chan's birthday!!

Aya-chan, happy birthday (*^.^*)

When I said my back hurt, Aya-chan would go "I'll help you change" or "I'll carry this for you", it made me very happy ☆☆

Aya-chan, truly, thank you *

And, I'll be counting on you from now as well!


That's all for today...

I hope tomorrow will be a happy day for you.



Ps I'm on the time limit for updating the blog, so it ended up short (ρ_;) I'm really sorry.

Yamada Erika〓◎
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(2011-04-01 23:38)

Konbanwa-smash to your love ♪ ♪

My second update ☆

Tomorrow we'll have a handshake event for the first time in a while!
I'm paired with Kumi-san *
Kumi-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

I'm really looking forward to it.
In the last handhsake event, at Aichi Kyuuhaku, and ended up crying but, tomorrow I'm planning on smiling to the end (≧∇≦)

Be careful when getting there! (b^ー°)

And that's all for today...

I hope tomorrow will be a happy day for you.



Ps. Sorry this was short...

Yamada Erika〓◎
03 April 2011 @ 03:01 pm
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(2011-04-01 21:51)

Konbanwa-smash to your love ♪♪

This morning, I went with my mother to my older brother's college entrance ceremony ☆

And, I'm also a high school student from today on!!

Actually I'm not feeling that excited, even though I'm looking forward to high school, I'm worried about whether I'll manage to make friends (ρ_;)laughっ

But, I'll do my best (`∇´ゞ

I had lessons starting in the afternoon *

Dancing is great after all, isn't it ☆☆


The answer to the quiz I had on yesterday's "good night" post is...

B, 4th year student **

I thought it was hard but, it seems it was unexpectadly easy!

Right now she's beside me, drawing (b^ー°)




Ps. Look forward to my second update*

Yamada Erika〓◎
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(2011-04-01 00:28)

(*title was actually in english)

Konbanwa-smash to your love ♪ ♪

At home on 23h, we had a "let's go-" and now I'm in my cousin's house ☆

My cousin is a girl and she always calls me "Erinee" ☆

She also gives me letters and sings SKE songs for me, she's a really cute girl! (b^ー°)

I talk about school a lot with my cousin (-^〇^-)

Now! Here's a question.

What grade is my cousin in at school?

�@. A senior
�A. 2nd year of elementary school.
�B. 4th year of elementary school.
�C. 1st year of middle school.


She finished learning multiplication and division.

Hard, isn't it ☆

And now, that's all for today...

I hope tomorrow will be a happy day for you.



Ps. Currently watching a DVD in the car.

Yamada Erika〓◎
03 April 2011 @ 02:14 pm
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(2011-03-31 13:08)

Konnichiwa-smash to your love!!

Today I'm in a flower mood, so I added a photo of this flower that we have decorating our house ♪

It seems Erika's granny learned this flower on the flower class she takes on the 2nd and 4th fridays of the month!

Pretty, isn't it ☆ ??

Got me kind of interested (*゜Q゜*)

I want to try it out once, too ♪ ♪

If I have a chance to do it, I'll put it in the blog, ok! ( *・ω・)ノ

And now...


Ps. I have an ulcer on my tongue, it hurts...

Yamada Erika〓◎
03 April 2011 @ 01:51 pm
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(2011-03-29 20:05)

Konbanwa-smash to your love ♪♪

What are you guys doing right now?

I'm relaxing at my home!! (*"my home" was in english lol)

Today, after a long time, I managed to study.

If you're gonna study, there's no time to be lazing aorund like this (`∇´ゞ

I'll put an end to it before school starts!

Ganbare-erika (-^〇^-)

Please support me! (laughっ


And then, today is Iguchi Shiori-san's birthday!!

Iguchi-san ♪

Happy birthday (*^o^*)

It seems Iguchi-san turned 16 today...

Erika'll be turning 16 this year as well ↑

Though we're not in the same grade at school, until yesterday we were the same age, right!

What a shock ♪

Iguchi-san often says Erika is cool ↑

I get shy (*/□\*)

Really~ I love Iguchi-san (≧∇≦)

Please take care of me from now on as well!


And, that's all for today...

I hope tomorrow will be a happy day for you.



Ps. Erika Smash Power isn't dispatched, it's transmitted!!
If you will, please receive it, ok ♪

Yamada Erika〓◎
28 March 2011 @ 09:24 pm
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(2011.03.28 23:02)

Konbanwa-SMASH to your love ♪♪

After today's work ended, I went to the lessons' place↑

And in doing that, I detected Minami!!

Yumana-chan was sitting on a chair with Minami on top of her, and then Erika went on top of them as well, so there were three sitting on the chair.

And then, Minami hugged me ♪

That's why, right now I'm in a good mood.

Even if we fight, in the end we hug and make up...

Maybe it's 『reciprocate feelings』?

And so, that's all for today...

I hope today will be a happy day for you.



Ps. I met Riitan after a long time too!!

Yamada Erika〓◎

(*Minami=Hara Minami; I don't know who's Riitan, if you do, please let me know @___@)
(*btw konbanwa=good night/good evening. I was translating this and leaving ohayou and etc. as they are, which doesn't make sense, so I decided to leave all like this. since it sounds better with the smash at the end)
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(2011-03-28 09:36)

Ohayou-SMASH to your love ↑↑

Today is still as cold as always, isn't it...

As expected, when it's cold, it's all about warm beverages and nabe, right??

This morning I had a caramel latte, and my body was all warmed up!

That's why, today as well, I feel like I can do my best.

You guys too, try having warm beverages and nabe for meals (`∇´ゞ


Today I have work ↑↑

You guys too, let's all do our best at work or school ♪♪

And so, this is it for today's Morning blog...

Today as well, fighting! ↑↑↑

Ps. By the way, when it's hot, it's all about ice cream!!

Yamada Erika〓◎
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(2011-03-27 00:07)

Good evening SMASH to your love ♪ ♪

Until now I wrote "to everyone's love" in the blog, but from now on I've decided to make it "to your love"!!

That's it for this report (`∇´ゞ


Today, after the photoshoot, I went with my family and my cousin to the stone sauna, for the first time in a long time!

I was asleep inside the sauna for about 30 minutes, so I sweat twice as much

Drinking fresh water afterwards, I unconsciously ended up saying 『Puhaー』

After that I went to relax at the onsen...

It felt awesome (*^o^*)

For today, otsukare-smash.

That's all for today...

I hope tomorrow will be a happy day for you.



Ps. It's cold!

Yamada Erika〓◎