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01 February 2013 @ 12:18 pm
original entry
2013-02-01 23:05:52


This morning I had a certain job to do with Seara. ( *`ω´)


A full body shot~

I’ve been really into one-piece shirts lately.
Isn’t it sexy~? ( *`ω´) lol

I’ll let you guys know what we did once I’m allowed to.

At night,

I went to a Sword of the Far East concert. ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

They’re a group produced by D.A.I-san,

and they have no vocalist.
It’s a violin rock band, and just like songs with words, I could feel the emotions in their songs.

We were allowed to take pictures, so I did.

This is what it was like.

The taiko session was so cool~~!!!

It was so exciting!

It made me remember how I played the taiko during my school festival in my last year of high school. ( *`ω´)

We got to enjoy the sound of the music rather than focusing on words. It was truly wonderful.

Even instrumental songs can convey feelings and emotions!

I think what makes a concert is your personality, the feelings of the concert that you include in the songs, and your own willingness to expose what’s inside fo you.

That’s why I always think about becoming a more charming person.

Two more weeks
until my concert!!!

It’s time for me to start improving on what we have done~!!!

I’m going to think about nothing but the concert!!

I’ll make it the best concert in history~~~~~!!!!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Yeah~


For those who made reservations
for the AKIBA GIRLS FESTA on 2/9,

we will be presenting limited edition chocolates
selected by their oshimen.

There are still tickets left,
so please hurry and make your reservations!


Coming soon! 2/9 (Sat)
“AKIBA GIRLS FESTA” We’ll be having wonderful guests too!

Participants: NatsuAki, Ooyama Aimi-san, VIC:CESS-san, Naabo Doufu@Nana-san / Guests: Hatakeyama Chisaki (afternoon), Akita Kazue (evening) / Tickets currently on sale! http://t.co/3J4Kh6Me

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01 February 2013 @ 03:44 pm
Original Entry
2013-02-01 14:05:49

You know, Yokoyama has,

started raising a kitten

This kitten.. is really cute~


 photo kitarieo0480064012400644812_zps38c6be70.jpg

Beautiful from the side!

Aah cute~ ~ ~ ~

Bisu who is sleeping

 photo kitarieo0480036012400644797_zps030e486e.jpg


..however the truth is we have yet to meet, you know~ (´-`;)

We have to quickly meet

I will appear on today's
Serious Nonsense~

Please watch it, okay? ((*δεδ*))
01 February 2013 @ 06:14 pm
Original Post
2013-02-01 12:27:35 ...Lunch...


Asahi Shimubn's coverage
has just finished~!

the reporter told me that I Look Simiral To Tokui-san from Chute~(^^)

We looked back on verious things but
in life there are ups and downs
which I think is inseresting。笑

I'll announce it
when the publishing date has been decided

↑ It's something that was at the agency
What is thisーっ??

Now then
I'll go to lunch after this ★

Today I have a performance ★

Original Post
2013-02-01 18:20:43 ...RH...

is awfully painful




ah! PLease watch the
broadcast of Gachigase tonightー(*^^*)

I'll be talking a lot with Shimada
would be nice to reflect upon that (^^)♪

Now then, I'll go do my best at the performance♪

Original Post
2013-02-01 22:11:49 ...tomochin...

Tomochin-san (^^)

I've become said

Today me chest
felt in pain the whokle time

I'll do my best
so we can feel good about
the time we have left together

The naming of

has also done it best to fit in.笑

aaah, tt really is a painful night.

ah! those who watched Gachigase
Thank you very much!

I received the following mail from my grandma
「You're going to get married at 21!?」

it's just an ideal (^^)

Now then, I'm going to go back Homeー♪

Everyone, good nightー♪♪
01 February 2013 @ 06:54 pm
Original Post
2013-02-01 20:24:50 ReqHour Summary

the 4 days of Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013
have ended
Those 4 days, was quite a mental drain for me(笑)
so that's why I update my blog about it now, sorry about that

now then. the songs I appeared in

【1st Day】
#98 Sougen no Kiseki
#97 Bachokoi K!
#96 Guuzen no Juujiro
#94 Kataomoi no Taikakusen
Everyday Kachuusha

【2nd day】
#68 Kanojo ni naremasu ka?
#51 Show fight!
Heavy Rotation

【3rd Day】
#26 Dakishimecha Ikenai
Flying Get

【4th day】
#24 Junjou Shuugi
#23 Shonichi
#7 Kimi no koto ga suki dakara
Manatsu no Sounds good!

「Kataomoi no Taikakusen」 has been ranked 4 years in a row!!!
I'm really thankful that I can sing this song, which I quite treasure, once a year

I sang it like it was the last time I will be able to sing it

Really, really really, thank you.

And it also made me happy that I was able to sing songs from the previous teamK
I thought that smiles were like this, makes one heart warm and feel so happy that one is about to cry.

And from there, Junjou Shugi,
It's Haa-chan's Junjou Shugi⋆

This year I was able to sing it again together with Haa-chan and Nakayan! and not only that, on the last day even!!! It's too amazing

The first time showing Ruby
It's a cool song which is teamA like! I want to sing it againー
and the dances are also cool, I love itー

together with JKT's Akicha

It's Sae-chan-pon and Michakkumato

On the first day, the first CM was one with the onces that came off age and we all wore our Kimono's
And I wore a cute-like Kimono which is rare for me.笑