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Original Post
2013-02-02 01:30:35

Today we had a performance
Before the perfomance
Tomochin has announced her graduation

I think everyone was suprised by it...
AMi was also quite suprised by Tomochin's graduation(ノ-・。)

To be honest, it's quite sad....

Since Ami has joined
We've been going out together, and she brought me along for dinner....

Since we started be in the same team
I thought that I wanted to create more memories with her but
things just don't go the way one wants

It's the path that TOmochin decided...
so I'll support her

Meeting her and saying farewell to her
I'll accept them both

it's not like she's going to graduate immediately so
I want to create more memories together with Tomochin

at today's performance
I was allowed to say the opening line for the MC....

and I was also allowed to tell my opinion at the end of the perfomrance
I was nervous for itーー

I don't know if I was able to do it well but... I was trying to convey it without giving up (笑) I put my fighting spirit in it

something that made me happy, The staff from R no Housoku came to watch
they also bought me some gifts
The R's came as well

it made me think that I am support by various people

and again, it made me thinkg that I have to do my best (*/□\*)

R no housoku is something that is created by piling up each and everyone's small strength
like a family
I also get along with the staff

it's something that one appriciates about that kind of work

02 February 2013 @ 10:43 am
Original Post
2013-02-02 12:32:50

The handshake event, thank you
very much (*^^*)

I'm glad that I was able to talk a lot!

Today the following 2 things were often said!

「I watched yesterday's GachiGase but are you going to get married!?」。笑
I won't marry at all。笑
it's just talking about ideals
sorry to make you all worry

and, there was a lot of talk about the book after all (*^^*)
I received a lot of congratulations
it made me happy~♪

today from 9:00
the tickets started to go on sale
for the Sing-session at Shinjuku

it was clashing with hte time of the handshake eventー!

I made everyone hurry。笑
saying things like
「I got myself a ticket and afterwards
came here for the handshake event!」
or like
「After this I'll dash to get myself a ticket!」

it seems like a lot of trouble (>_<)
Thank you very much (>_<)

I'll do my best even more (*^^*)!!!!

Those who came, Thank you ♪♪

02 February 2013 @ 02:17 pm
Original Post
2013-02-02 20:53:50

The letters that I received
I read them at home♪

Thank you

The made me really happy!

This birthday book
was a precise hit
it surprised me!

「Instructions to Uchida Mayumi」

it's something like that (*^^*)

This is some offiscial good I got from people ♪

with cLothes and suits as well
you use neckties and ribbons, right?
but before giving an opinion
is what the planning office said,← Though I don't remember giving an opinion myself

and those became collectibles (^.^)

Did you already get them at the AKBshop??

Everyone, please check them out ♪♪

And this is the MAN WITH A MISSION's t-shirt I woreー!!
Thank you very muchー!

I started wanting to go to one of their Livesー!

Everyone, thank you very much for your warm feelings (⌒▽⌒)

The Bed sheets I requested from Rady have arrivedー♪

Monotoon ♪

The other day at the Press Room
I was also able to meet Mutou Shizuka-san (*^^*)

She also came to watch the TeamK
She always takes care of me (*^^*)

Truth to be told, during the time I was a Junior High School Student
I watched Ageha
and became a fan
so I was really happy. 笑

Now then, tomorrow I'll be at the handshake event in the morning as wellー(^^)

Have to get to sleep soonー♪♪
02 February 2013 @ 04:04 pm
Original Entry
2013-02-02 12:32:45

there was Tomochin's graduation announcement.

During the AKB48 documentary movie, when it was released to the public on 2/1, she gave the announcement.

During yesterday's stage greetings for the movie, I heard it straight from Tomochin's mouth

I'm lonely however, I'm really lonely however...

When Tomochin appeared in AKB and gradually got more and more active,
she became a goalpost for the remaining members of the group (^-^)

Even if she's not a part of AKB, we won't stop being friends

After this
please still support her

 photo kitarieo0240032012401889060_zps42059da0.jpg

I love Tomochin~

She'll always be a senior that I aspire to be like

The K performance after yesterday's stage greetings, and the All Night Japan recording after,

It was a schedule where I was with Tomochin the entire time

This truly, made me happy.

Today, 2/2

I have a live performance as a part of SKE48 on

18:00~ Music Fair!

By the way, I wonder if this is the second week in a row~

Please be sure to watch it, okay?
02 February 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Original Post
2013-02-02 23:04:49

Today we had a handshake event
Those who came, thank you very much
I'm glad that the temperature was warm today

there were a lot of people with a cold, please be careful of your health

it was also a place with a lot of people...
Thank you very much for accompanying me till the evening

IT would make me happy if you come tomorrow as well I'll be waiting

The pictures are of the clothes I wore today
what do you think of it?
It might be a bit hard to see though....

I had heels on the whole day, stood and shook hands
so my feet are throbbing (笑)

Ah, The strange way of expressing is Ami Qualityー!

but was I able to convey it? something like that ーーー

Giving my thanks to my legs...(笑)
Thinking of giving them a rest for today

Everyone, please take it easy as wellー

02 February 2013 @ 05:04 pm
original entry
2013-02-02 22:03:15

Otsukazu. ( *`ω´)

Today, 2/2, is Twintail Day.

I’ve always liked twintails and I would put my hair into them often, so I looked for some pictures.

Here are the pictures along with my thoughts on them. lol

Twintails with thin makeup.

Puffy cheeked twintails.

Straight bang twintails.

Center part twintails.

I want to have a center part again.

Birthday tee twintails.

Can I still pull them off?????


I guess not… _| ̄|○

Do you guys like twintails?

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