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02 February 2013 @ 10:43 am
[Uchida Mayumi] ...thx...  
Original Post
2013-02-02 12:32:50

The handshake event, thank you
very much (*^^*)

I'm glad that I was able to talk a lot!

Today the following 2 things were often said!

「I watched yesterday's GachiGase but are you going to get married!?」。笑
I won't marry at all。笑
it's just talking about ideals
sorry to make you all worry

and, there was a lot of talk about the book after all (*^^*)
I received a lot of congratulations
it made me happy~♪

today from 9:00
the tickets started to go on sale
for the Sing-session at Shinjuku

it was clashing with hte time of the handshake eventー!

I made everyone hurry。笑
saying things like
「I got myself a ticket and afterwards
came here for the handshake event!」
or like
「After this I'll dash to get myself a ticket!」

it seems like a lot of trouble (>_<)
Thank you very much (>_<)

I'll do my best even more (*^^*)!!!!

Those who came, Thank you ♪♪