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03 February 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[Akita Kazue] 1 Gallon no Ase  
original entry
2013-02-03 21:59:02

Otsukazu. ( *`ω´)

A lot of people seemed to like twintails.

There were many people who said they liked ponytails too. ♪(´ε` ) I also like curly ponytails.

I’ll put my hair in them again.

Today I went running and practiced singing.


It’s been a while since I’ve gone running, so I didn’t have much stamina.

I have to build up more
before the concert!!! ( ;´Д`)

After that,
I had an acting workshop.

We practiced voice projection, covered the basics, and acted out a scene. It was a very fulfilling 3 hours.

I played a girl with a terrible personality who would say things like “I want to be ugly, I want money~”

It was interesting. lol

With acting, you get to release all your emotions and become someone else, so it’s a good stress outlet too.

I learned lots of important things,

and one of them was
that when you’re practicing, you go all out and try anything and everything!

It’s important to want to try anything.

And there’s one more thing.
There’s a certain line from a song that I really like, and the instructor talked about something like it. It made me remember something very important.

“Sweat a gallon of sweat
If you don’t move your own body
Nothing will begin

Cleverness and speculation will just slow you down
Give it your all, that’s the shortcut to your dreams”

Do you guys know what song it’s from~????? ( *`ω´)

It’s SDN48’s “1 Gallon no Ase.”

It’s one of my favorite lines.
I really love it.

The more I read Akimoto-sensei’s lyrics, the more wonderful they seem!

I’ll just have
to keep giving it my all
so that I can sweat a gallon of sweat!! ( *`ω´)

I want to become someone who can tell that to others!!

Everyone, please warm yourselves up and try not to catch a cold.


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