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03 April 2014 @ 12:08 pm
[Kadowaki Kanako] Haisai ☆彡 Kanakichi  
original entry
2014-03-20 13:16:34

This is Kanakichi
Kadowaki Kanako( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Haisai!! ((*゜∀゜))

[T/N: Haisai means 'How are you?' in Okinawa dialect]

We arrived in Okinawa last night and I'm feeling really excited

We had buffet this morning, and I had my first ice cream in Okinawa this year


It is the blue seal Shio-chinsukou (。・w・。)

[T/N A type of Okinawan sweet]

It's my favourite of favourites

I had it last year and the year before as well blog48_gifs (laugh)

The weather here is changing between sunny and cloudy but it's quite warm, so I'm wearing short sleeves ♪

As expected of Okinawa

This is heaven for me because I love summer

I want to come here with my family!!!

I brought along two pairs of sunglasses so I can enjoy it more than usual!

I'm well equipped

I'm going to enjoy my time on the stage of the Okinawa International Festival