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03 April 2014 @ 09:47 pm
[Katou Yuuka] *´艸`)~ Yuuka wouldn't say such a thing! (laugh)  
original entry
2014-03-27 00:30:35

Good evening! ( ´艸`) blog48_gifs

It's Uuka, Katou Yuuka! blog48_gifs


Thank you for always commenting and liking my blog posts

From today, Yuuka is going to Tokyo to stir up some trouble ( ´艸`) 123

I'm heading to a very, very big

concert venue 123 123

I can't believe how time flies

We're almost there
I'm looking forward to it~ blog48_gifsblog48_gifs

Also for NMB48's solo concert
I'm very excited!

To everyone who is coming

Please enjoy yourselves
Yuuka will be doing her best

Please have lots of fun!(*≧Δ≦) blog48_gifsblog48_gifs


I want some Spring clothes

I want to go shopping

I'm really tempted (´-ω-`)

I'm reading magazines

searching for new brands that I like

and found lots of cute designs blog48_gifsblog48_gifs

the models are so cute as well~

If i have time

during my time in Tokyo

I want to go shopping (^x^) blog48_gifs

I want to look for striped clothes

and shoes as well (^^) blog48_gifs

And also and also!!!

Today, NMB48's 9th single

'Takane no Ringo' is on sale!!!


It ranked no.1 on the Oricon daily charts! 123123123123123

I had takoyaki !!! blog48_gifsblog48_gifsblog48_gifs

For those who have already bought the single,
those who seen the MV and found where Yuuka is

Thank you so very much!

The song is about not giving up easily
and aiming for the top
It is a supportive piece

It's a song that Yuuka likes very much! 123

Yuuka's goal right now

Is probably something hard to reach
But I want to aim higher!!

Also, today was the last of the series in Sponichi
for "Shu to Uuka no aidoru no kokoroe"

Since I was a 3rd generation member

I have been looked after by all the senpais

It was a fun experience

Preparing for the interviews were really relaxed

I'm really grateful >_< 123

Thank you everyone for reading them too!!

I want to try other series if I have the chance

Something like 'Yuuka wouldn't say something like that!'

[T/N: It's a pun on her name]

What do you think? ( *´艸`) (laugh)

See you later (´▽`)ノblog48_gifs

By Yuuka blog48_gifs