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01 April 2014 @ 01:43 am
Original Post
2014-03-31 15:34:21

Today March will end

It's the season of my beloved cherry blossoms

Every year I have new memories of it
This year I went to see the Cherry Blossoms near the practice-venue
This years memories of the Sakura is: In The Heights

The opening day is right before us

Being surrounded by the wonderful cast

Matsushita-kun and Marushia-san

Eri Anna-chan
Masa-san, Chiichan






Karo-chan, who kept being my under


Marika-chan, who is Chii-chan's Under

I haven't taken one of everyone one but
that's because there's a lot, as always笑

Being surrounded by the wonderful cast

31 March 2014 @ 01:01 am
Original Post
2014-03-29 23:34:25 National Stadium 1


The solo AKB concert at the National Stadium has ended
Everyone, thank you very much
Yesterday I wrote on my blog about the Wasamin Towels and Fans, and as said I found them

I felt a sense of unity coming from everyone
everyone became one! is what I thought!

It was really fun


I was able to appear in:
Korogaruishi ni nare
First Rabbit
Everyday, Kachuusha
Jyuuroku Sympathy
Aidoru no yoake
Yobisute Fantasy
Mae shika mukanee
Give my Five
Boku no Yell
AKB Festival
Honest Man
Bokutachi no kami hikoki
Tenohira ga kataru koto
Sayonara Crawl
Poniiteeru to Shushu
Gingamu Check
Heavy Rotation
Sakura no hanabiratachi
Shoujo-tachi yo
after rain
Koi suru Fortune Cookie

Being able to apear a lot was a lot of fun.

And all the costumes were cute

Tomorrow is the last day that we are able to stand at the National Stadium
Got to have a lot of fun!


TV Tokyo
『Youko no Enka Ichokusen』
March 30th (Mon) 6:00~6:30

please watch it

28 March 2014 @ 07:08 pm
Original Post
2014-03-28 14:34:04 Saeko-saaaaan

Konbanwasamin ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It's finally time for the last episode
of Shitsuren Chocolatier///

Whenever I have a drama, anime or manga that I really like
I really don't want to watch the last one!!笑

Because it will be over
once I've seen it(>_<)

but, I want to see it
I want to see it but I don't want to see it! 笑

until now I haven't watched
the last episode of K-on yet (°_°)

troubled, so troubled..

Having no make-up on during the lessons.

new sneakers★★

I waited patiently for the day of the month in which I got my paycheck and bought it 笑笑


I will cherish them (*^^*)

The day I will be able to stand in the National Stadium is tomorrow
I'm looking forward to it.... I wonder what the scenery will be like!

it would be nice if I could find some Wasamin Fans and Towels!!
I'll be looking for them, so bring them with you!

Try and find me as wellー!

I'm off to rehearsals!
27 March 2014 @ 01:38 am
Original Post
2014-03-27 00:50:39 Niina. 771

Just a little bit longer till my opening day.

I'm still not there yet

Through practice I thought of this again, treasuring every day
in a day I can feel a lot of things. Learn, being able to shinem worry, feeling depressed.
It's something quite busy

I wonder if I can treasure every day

that's what I felt during practice

I will keep on exploring
until I can proudly hold this mic

Feeling Happy
25 March 2014 @ 12:00 am
Original Post
2014-03-24 23:42:48 Hands


It has been a little while hasn't it (>_<)
I'm sorry about that (>_<)

I've been dancing every day

At the rehearsals, Kesera Ballpen is a outstanding performance
it's amazing, I wonder how it will turn out

now then

Those who have watched Nemousu TV might already know but I!
have been selected for the
『Hand Talent Senbatsu』

waaai ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I've never been conscious about that my hands are beautiful, it made me really happy...

with just these members we'll be in the Media Senbatsu. 笑

something like that, won't happen!

it will be aired in a few weeks, so please check it out!

What do you think? Are my hands beautiful? 笑笑

I want to go to a beauty parlor soon \(^o^)/

When I am able to I want to make a whole day about me

Tomorrow is "tuesday"!


24 March 2014 @ 12:01 am
Original Post
2014-03-18 13:20:01 Yo!


This has become a close notice but


◆RCC TV(Chinese Broadcast) 14:55~16:43「Ima Nama 3 Channel」

I'll be appearing on that

PLease check it outー!!!

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14 March 2014 @ 12:25 am
Original Post
2014-03-12 23:23:55 One thing

Good Evening

Yesterday March 11th
was the date on which 3 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake

Yesterday at the AKB48 theater I was allowed to be part of the special performance!

The members that went to the people in the disaster area were connected to the SKE, HKT and NMB theaters, it was a performance were we all became one!

it made me ery happy to see the smiles of people in various places around the world (*^^*)

It's not like I'll forget it but
I felt again that this is something we should never forget

From here on out as well, let us find the things that we are able to do, even with poor abilities please let's continue our supporting activites

hoping that our singing and dancing increases everyone's smile a little bit!

Original Post
2014-03-13 19:05:47 Noragami

Konnichiwasamin (・Д・)ノ

The pollen came!

Last year I developed hay fever, so I don't know anything like about measurements I should take and good food that helps (´・_・`)

Please teach me!

I have a recommendation for everyone!

This is really amazing,
if you ask what is amazing, it just is
it's too funny (´・_・`)

It's obvious for the manga but the anime is also the best!

by the way, what I have in my hands is an extra editorial!


The 1st DVD with extra benefits will be released if I wait just a little bit longer...
And the manga will also be released in July but I can't wait any longer....
Black Hair x Dark Past x Japanese Sword is the best after all!!!

I really love Shounen manga (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Everyone, read this one as well (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
11 March 2014 @ 01:38 am
Original Post
2014-03-10 11:58:47

I thought this again but
I'm writing my blog like this again 笑

I'm surprised every time
when I write the words

having that said, I'm sorry that it has been a while(´・_・`)

Right now I'm in the Miyagi-prefecture

In the time I haven't been updating my blog
I have been working

and had practices

during the practices I had a lot of first times, every day is confusing, learn a lot and also make a lot of mistakes

no matter how old I get
It's refreshing when i learn something
and it makes me think that it's chance to change a person

Sakaguch Anri-chan came to TeamB performance the other day
I cried.
I went Pyua a lot cause I really love Anri-chan. fufu

And the Draft-students

Yokoshima Aeri-chan and
Kawamoto Saya-chan

they had their Theater Debut

I wonder what kind of way these 2 people look at things

till now their smiles were #1, truelly
this might be something like parental love. yeah...
11 March 2014 @ 01:26 am
Original Post
2014-03-07 10:47:11 Clothes talk


Does everyone love clothes that look cute after all?
I'll use that as a reference for the handshake events ^ ^

Lately I have been conscious about it, that I wear cute clothes during the handshake event
Usually I wear dark-colored clothes as well

These are my clothes lately

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06 March 2014 @ 11:16 pm
Original Post
2014-03-06 14:22:23 Eat it!

Konichiwasamin (・ω・)ノ
Today I'm going to act independant the whole day!


Yesterday when I got back home I watched the latest episode of Shitsuren Chocolatier
After I watched it
I couldn't sleep anymore

Lately I have really started to empatize more with drama's and manga's.

Saeko-san felt like a little devil in a good way this week as well.
she was too cute, she's totally my type, I want to hang out with Saeko-san.
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